BKPM Online, Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board to Assist Foreign Investors

To accelerate the Indonesian public service, the government agencies issued various policies to deal with complicated bureaucracies. One of them is the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM). BKPM released an online tracking system, One-Stop’s Service, that goes by the name Sistem Pelayanan Informasi dan Perizinan Investasi Secara Elektronik (SPIPISE).

What is SPIPISE?

SPIPISE itself is an online service system that can be a fast track for the investors, especially from abroad, to manage the investment administration, check its status, and get accurate information about investments in Indonesia. Not only is it internet-based, but SPIPISE is also integrated with various related government agencies’ databases. It can help the investors in issuing their investment licenses easily and quickly. SPIPISE also offers license and non-license facilities to investors. The licensed facility includes the issuance of investment principle licenses, investment expansion permits, investment change permits, business mergers licenses, permanent business licenses, foreign capital representative office permits, and others.

What can you di with SPIPISE?

The investors who have access to SPIPISE can purpose those licenses through the system. They also don’t need to come to Indonesia and visit each government agencies’ office to handle the license and get the latest update of the investment application there. To know the process of their licenses application, they can check it directly through the system. There, they can see the current progress, the status of your licensing application, what you missed regarding the requirements, and many more. The simplicity provided by SPIPISE is profitable for foreign investors, they can save more time and reduce the expenses because of it.

Getting to know OSS

Besides SPIPISE, there is also another online tracking system released by BKPM. It is Online Single Submission (OSS) that is integrated into several online licensing systems, including SPIPISE, SiCantik Kemenkominfo (an online licensing system used by the Regional PTSP), National Single Window for Investment (NSWI), and another online licensing system.

Through the system, all investors that have access can relish the comprehensive data provided by BKPM. There are data related to the investments and Indonesia investment in general. It’s a part of one big Indonesia investment system, by using it the foreign investors can get to know the business climate in Indonesia better. Then they can choose the best to which one they will invest.

If foreign investors manage to maximize the utilization of those systems, they can get the investment license in less than an hour as long as they fulfill the requirements. They can even get more benefits if they meet other particular investment conditions. Then, if the investor is going to invest in the business sector, it’s been already regulated in Government Regulation (GR) No. 24 of 2018 about Electronic Single Submission System (Online Single Submission/OSS). Thus, it is legal.

The technological sophistication can assist investment process that much. By using BKPM Online, the foreign investors can feel the benefit of flexibility of time and place because they can access it all the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week anywhere. Its advantages of easy access can be enjoyed by every investor all around the world, both for those living in Indonesia and overseas, as long as they’re connected to the internet.

BKPM Online also gives transparent service which you can watch over it every time through the system. The last one, it gives you the ease of procedure to get investment licenses and managing document because you can save it on the BKPM server. It can also be used by the related companies every time they need it as investment services.