Everything You Need to Know about Indonesia’s Online Single Submission System

Have you heard about Indonesia’s Online Single Submission (OSS) system? For your information, it is a new licensing application of the Indonesian government which is a part of its commitment to improving the ease of doing business in Indonesia. Previously, the country had a One Stop Services system by BKPM. Unfortunately, it was considered not favorable enough to attract direct investment. Are you curious to find more information about OSS system? Check the complete information below!

The reason behind OSS system creation

Why the OSS system is created? Well, that’s a good question, but the answer is quite simple. It is to ease business registration in Indonesia. OSS is a system that allows business players to acquire a business license with more efficiency. Electronically integrated, the OSS business licensing service is able to mitigate the Indonesian bureaucratic procedure, which often takes a long process and quite complicated.

OSS portal regulations

OSS licensing system technical matter and mechanism is undoubtedly regulated by the local administration carefully. Moreover, OSS concerns two official measures. One is about president regulation number 91 the year 2017 on business implementation acceleration and the other one is government regulation number 24 the year 2018 on integrated business license service (PP OSS). Specified in the civil law, OSS licensing system legal position is nothing but robust.

That’s why it’s no wonder that most governmental elements, be it an assortment of administrative agencies of Indonesia to an assortment of Indonesian ministries. This system is also fully supervised by the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs. It is not only supported by each element of ministry technically and financially but also trouble-free and fully carried out across the country.

Has been upgraded recently

This year in March, Indonesia’s Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) launched an upgraded version of its OSS system. The system which was launched in July 2018 initially was run by the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs because BKPM was not ready to handle the new online system. However, BKPM finally took over the OSS system’s operation on 2 January 2019. The upgraded version is needed since the system did not come without flaws.

Some problems about OSS system came because the system was rushed into existence. There were emerged numerous bugs and other problems, including out-dated software, weak cooperation between the central and regional governments, the system’s inability to accommodate investors who are eligible for tax holidays, and more. That’s why the synchronization and coordination between the various government ministries and institutions have been improved.

OSS users’ types

There are two kinds of users of OSS in essence. The first one is named individual, while the second sort refers to non-individuals. In order to elucidate the second category, it’s important that you savvy the groups. Shortly speaking, they belong to general companies, agencies focusing on public service, local common companies, and entities legally owned by the state, and not to mention the legal bodies set up by joint ventures, civil partnership, and cooperatives.

Those are some information about online single submission system you should know. May you find this information helpful!