Submit New Business Permit with “Online Single Submission”

Online single submission (OSS) is a new licensing application launched by the Indonesian government. This licensing system is a part of the Indonesian government’s commitment to improving the ease of doing business in Indonesia. It’s also expected to boost domestic and foreign direct investment, as it replaced the One Stop Services system by BKPM, which was considered not very favorable to attract direct investment. With the ease offered by OSS, you can now submit your new business permit with no worries. But before that, let’s check the following information first!

What to do first?

In order to submit your new business permit with OSS, you need to get a new single identification number first. This single indentification number, better known as Business Identification Number (Nomor Induk Berusaha/NIB) is a 13 digit registration number. It serves as a business owner’s identity to conduct its business activity. Every business owner should obtain NIB first before getting started to process all business licenses needed to legally conduct their business.

What are licenses issued under the OSS system?

There’re two main licenses which are issued under the OSS system, they’re a business license (Izin Usaha) and commercial or operational license (Izin Komersial or Operasional). These two simplified main licenses have their own function. Before business owner commences their commercial operation, they should deem business license as principle license in order to conduct the preparation activities.

In addition, for business owners, a business license is also the basis to obtain the commercial or operational license. Meanwhile, the commercial or operational license is important for a business owner because it can enable them to conduct commercial activities according to their business’s line. You can find a list of licenses required in each respective sector under OSS’s authority through new Government Regulation No. 24 of 2018.

What are the steps of business registration and licensing using OSS?

First, you have to set up your OSS account. Prior to accessing the OSS system, the first thing you need to do is obtaining Ministry of Human Right Approval or Company Registration Certificate through AHU online system. This step is to get authorization for Deed of Establishment or Registration Number.

After that, the business entity will be able to register in the OSS system by entering NIK of the person in charge or the main director, along with other information according to Registration Form. Following this step, OSS will send two emails to the business entity containing OSS account’s user ID and password to registration and verification OSS account.

How about registration steps?

First, log in to OSS, then fill the data about your business. If your business uses foreign workers, you shall accept the appointment companion statement and held a training or make a statement letter. After that, fill the business information with compatible 5 digits of KBLI, besides 2 digits that are already available from AHU, and describe your business field. Make sure that the information you’ve entered is correct and finish the steps by receiving NIB and other registration documents.

Can you use OSS to obtain business licenses?

Basically, all businesses are able to get a business license through OSS. Specifically:

1. An organization or an individual.

2. Micro, small, medium, or large enterprise.

3. A new business or one already in existence prior to the operation of OSS.

4. A business with wholly domestic capital or one containing foreign capital.

Now you can submit your new business permit with the ease offered by OSS. Hope this information helpful!