Banyuwangi Theme Park and Water Park, a New Tourism Magnet in East Java

BKPM’s Chairman Bahlil Lahadalia laid the first stone for the construction of the Banyuwangi theme park and water park in East Java on Friday (1/3/2020).

This theme park and water park is located in the Banyuwangi Residence Commercial Area with an area of 5 ha. Built by PT. Duta Insani Bangun Perkasa, this project has an investment of Rp 150 billion and is projected to absorb up to 200 local workers. That does not include the multiplier effect will be very large and move the local economy.

In his remarks, Bahlil said the laying of the first stone was an important event in the development of tourism and investment in Indonesia.

“This is a proof that the tourism industry continues to grow in Indonesia, since tourism is an industry that absorbs a lot of labor. We encourage companies to continue to increase their investment realization. We will also continue to encourage more and more quality investment realized in Indonesia, investments that are able to support the development of national industries and create many job opportunities”, Bahlil said.

“According to the direction of the President, there must be no parties who disturb the course of investment in an area. We already have an MoU with the Prosecutors Office, later with the Police, so that investors feel protected”, he added.

“We need substantial investment in the midst of global economic instability. Therefore, we the government will not hesitate to take action against anyone who deliberately disrupts the course of investment in the area”, he stressed.

“At present the central government is completing the implementation of licensing acceleration at the national level through Presidential Instruction No. 7 of 2019”, concluded Bahlil.

According to Bahlil, the Banyuwangi theme park and waterpark could be a new alternative to spending a vacation in Banyuwangi. In addition, it will complement the wealth of tourist destinations owned by East Java.

During this visit, the BKPM’s Chairman was accompanied by Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas and Chairman of the legislative Banyuwangi I Made Cahyana Negara. The BKPM delegation was welcomed by Enggartiasto Lukita, Director of the Insani Basa Perkasa Rio Imam Sendjojo, and Director of East Java Park 3 Suryo Widodo.

Banyuwangi Regency has been established as a priority for regional development in the province of East Java through Presidential Regulation No. 80 in 2019. Banyuwangi is ranked 9th as the largest investment destination for FDI and PMDN in East Java province with a total value of Rp. 8,277.7 billion, 192 projects, and absorbing 8,303 local workers for the 2014-September 2019 period. With the construction of the Banyuwangi theme park and water park, Bahlil is optimistic that the ranking of Banyuwangi as an investment destination will continue to increase.